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Live Teaching and Booking System

This product or application helps you to establish a one-to-one teaching and management solution, which is live. With this application teachers and trainers will be able to teach and train, respectively, in mass. This will be a part of synchronous teaching or training as it is live. Students simply have to book a slot with their teachers or trainers and they can experience live teaching.

What are the key features of this application?
We, at Red Chip Solutions, offer this extraordinary application to our clients so that they can make available this brilliant feature to their customers. This product is primarily built for small organizations as a form of 'distance learning'. The product is made for any organization who wants to start their own live teaching as this will help them manage it. Here are the main features of the Live Teaching and Booking System:

  • >> The users can make a query for the live teaching services

  • >> Then from within the system, a quotation is sent to the user

  • >> After that, the user has to accept by registering and making a payment either offline or online

  • >> Once accepted, the admin will assign the student to a particular tutor. However, the tutor has the right to accept or reject

  • >> Then, the tutor will make lesson plans for the student which the student has to approve

  • >> After approved, at a decided time and date the Tutor calls the student on Skype

  • >> The tutor uses whiteboard to share solutions

  • >> After the lesson is over, a review form is sent to the student by the tutor, for the duration of the project, for confirmation

  • >> Once the student confirms, time is reduced to the hours purchased. However, the student can increase the hours by paying extra

  • >> The student completion can be tracked by the admin

  • >> Users can come in from various agents as well and can be allotted to various organizations, the commissions is also calculated

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