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Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is an extremely refined application that is competent enough to create the same SWF end-product as Flash. This application is extremely well-loved and respected in the world of e-learning and is simple to use. We, at Red Chip Solutions, are use year of experience and skill to provide services and solutions, to clients, based on this application. Adobe Captivate helps us make e-learning content more attractive and presentable.

Features of Adobe Captivate that help us cater to our clients

  • >> Adobe Captivate, like Presenter, can import PPT presentation slides but also has added drawing and authoring tools to craft slides from square one

  • >> This application or tool is utilized to make packages for e-learning mostly to test simulations or for demonstrational uses. The demonstrations could include software packages to help in learning or for demonstration of products, to boost sales

  • >> Adobe Captivate is used by many e-learning companies to produce content in various formats

  • >> We use the basic scripting interface to create fundamental branching.

Other reasons why Adobe Captivate is a favorite with clients
This is a favorite e-learning authoring tool due to a few features that are used and loved by clients. We, at Red Chip Solutions, help clients use those features. ‘Interactions’ is one of the most popular features e-learning companies love using. It is easy for beginners and professionals. This feature helps us make the e-learning courses fun and engaging. This feature also helps us make the courses HTLM5 compatible.

We help clients use few brilliant aspects of this feature. For example, Notes interaction, this aspect allows learners to create notes directly in the courses. Then another favorite of the clients’ is Scrolling Text Interaction. This aspect helps learners scroll through the contents of the text box. Two more aspects, YouTube Interaction and Web Object Interaction, are favorites with clients as they allow us to insert videos and web links directly into the course. This way, learners don’t have to navigate to another page.

Our Team

We, at Red Chip Solutions, provide our clients with various kinds of Adobe Captivate features that will make their e-learning courses extremely attractive, interactive and appealing. As we have proper expertise in this field, we know exactly what it takes to make full use of Adobe Captivate. Therefore, we are adept to provide our clients just what they need.

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