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eBook LMS

eBook LMS is basically an application that helps publishers and schools to handle their eBooks and use the Subscription model to share out or distribute the very same. What is best about this application is that it guarantees full security of the content and saves it from illegal methods of distribution. We, at Red Chip Solutions, help our clients with their eBook LMS requirements.

Why use the eBook LMS application & how we help…The eBook LMS application has various reasons why it is so popular and clients love to use it. First of all:

  • >> This application helps the client setup multiple schools

  • >> The application secures your content to the fullest

  • >> This application helps setup sections and grades

  • >> It also helps to import data regarding students

  • >> The application helps setup teachers, HOD, students, etc.

  • >> It provides access to content selectively. Not everyone will be able to view and read these eBooks

  • >> This fabulous application helps one add further resources for every single eBook easily. This additional content is also downloadable

  • >> The application makes sure that the access is only based on subscription

  • >> With this application, teachers can now easily create as well as manage assignments

  • >> With this application, you can also add teacher training resources separately

  • >> It also helps to promote other products and handle declarations or announcements

  • >> The application helps arrange analytics so that you can find out which content is most popular

  • >> The application has an incorporated communication system to engage users in associative discussions

  • >> The application is fully managed and also has a reporting system that is graphical and useful

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