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KnowledgePreesnter - Jet Airways
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KnowledgePresenter, a popular, all-inclusive tool, that pretty much covers all kinds of e-learning requirements, has been in the market since the year 2000. We, at Red Chip Solutions, use our expertise in the tool, to help create learning models that are unique and extremely engaging. It helps us cater to clients who want to improve on existing content and also to create content from square one.

Features of KnowledgePresenter that help us serve you better

  • >> KnowledgePresenter comes along with helpful Addins that help us give your e-learning modules a boost

  • >> KnowledgePresenter is flexible and hence allows us to create simulations and assessments with ease

  • >> The tool is used by various e-learning companies to track user results. We also use it to do the same. We use this tool to help clients collect data like the number of times a course has run, the lesson status, the time when the course was taken and other user related detail. This helps our clients to gauge their courses

  • >> We, at Red Chip Solutions, use this tool to customize courses. Many e-learning companies do the same, but we provide staff that does it with more dedication. We can help customers change style, graphics, colors, start up pages, appearance, logos as per department, etc., edit all chains as they as they are viewed by learners, etc. We cater to all kinds of customization needs of our clients

  • >> We also use it to allocate particular permission for users, for example, our clients may allow only some to blog, so we make sure that only the people who have been allowed can blog and no one else. We also allocate users into groups so that serving courses becomes more flexible

Other ways in which KnowledgePresenter can help clients
Various e-learning companies use this tool for reporting purposes as the tool can expertly and flexibly run reports. This one feature is better in this tool that others. KnowledgePresenter provides everything in detail and these details help our clients immensely. So, the minute we see, that our client needs detailed services, KnowledgePresenter, is what we use.

Our Team

We work with a team of experts who create content using KnowledgePresenter as per the requirements of the clients. They are supportive and helpful and can give every client exactly what they need. They are technically and creatively sound enough to deliver top-class e-learning content.

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