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Lectora Demo
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Lectora Inspire
Lectora is a popular development tool or authoring software that is highly revered in the world of e-learning. We, at Red Chip Solutions, are highly experienced at providing solutions and services based on the software. We can also provide you skilled programmers who have valuable expertise in handling Lectora and can boost your existing capabilities with custom coding and template creation.

Features of Lectora that help us create better e-learning experiences

  • >> We have used Lectora in developing various e-learning applications. It has proven to be a favorite as it meets the demands and requirements of our clients. The content developed in Lectora can be published onto various platforms and can be used on the internet and on any intranet. The product delivered by Lectora is also compatible with various operating systems.

  • >> Over thousands of e-learning companies use this tool to create unique and rich content. We use Lectora to capture the learning experience, to engage learners.

  • >> We use Lectora's multimedia feature to its fullest capacity to make e-learning interactive, amazing, and simple yet fun. This software is used to create, edit and insert images, audio pieces and videos to make content appealing. Therefore, we make sure that this feature is fully exploited. We use this software because it allows us to use various audio and video file formats.

  • >> Clients also want us to create courses in languages like German and Spanish, and Lectora helps us do that. We also use this tool because it publishes in HTML which makes downloads faster.

Deliver what clients want
Lectora gives our programmers the option to custom code the courses suited to the requirement of the clients and also lets them use their creativity. The tool provides various templates that are used by thousands of e-learning companies but it also allows us to be creative by adding extra coding to give clients exactly what they want.

Other ways we use Lectora to help our clients
Various e-learning companies exploit another feature of Lectora, importing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and converting them into fascinating and different e-learning courses. We use this software to create attractive and world-class presentations out of ordinary ones.

We, at Red Chip Solutions, have been using Lectora to the core to build one of best e-learning applications in the market. With Lectora and an immensely talented analytical and creative team, we labor to give shape to the dreams of our clients.

Our Team

Our team is skilled enough to handle all the creative and technical needs to cater to the desires of our clients. We have thorough knowledge of Lectora and know exactly how to make your course matter different from the rest.

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