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Recruit Training and Management System (RTMS)

At Red Chip Solutions, we help the Defense services (the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air force) with the Recruitment and Training Management issues. Our team gives you a developed product that will help sort all these problems. The solutions we give our customers regarding their problems with handling the recruit training management system are unique. Managing details and information about RECTS and training is rather difficult, but we offer the perfect solution to this problem. With the specialized system, here’s what we give you the power to do with ease:

  • >> Lessen time to fetch data from the system

  • >> Manage and handle all the RECTS data systematically

  • >> Get hold of reports on the double

  • >> Computerize the decision making process at critical junctures

  • >> Make sure people abide by rules. For example, difference in two weeks between courses or the minimum number of RECTS in a single course

  • >> With auto grading, make sure that the test results are precise

  • >> Handle medical information with ease

  • >> Administer leaves without difficult

  • >> Get the daily parade status with precision

How our company will help you capitalize with Recruit Training Management System
We, at Red Chip Solutions, make recruiting and training, mainly for the Defense Services, extremely easy by helping to manage their data so systematically. Our services are so convenient and helpful that managing data becomes extremely easy. The Recruit Training Management System we offer is unmatched. The system is foolproof and can manage a whole deal more than regular systems. It can make work simple as all the information is categorized and available at the click of a button. The information is therefore, easily accessible.

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