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Stress Management Training Courses

Stress Management
Red Chip Solutions are the exclusive distributor for Beating Stress Interactive Courses.
StressCHECK™ Training consulted its clients about the most effective way to help manage stress within an organisation. They received quality feedback with three main areas that recurred again and again.

  • How can an employer identify which department or individual may need help to manage stress?
  • If an employer does some kind of stress management training how can assess its effectiveness?
  • Effective stress reduction solutions MUST be cost effective?

The feedback was analysed and 8 months were spent developing a new interactive eLearning solution to stress and wellbeing.

Beating Stress Interactive
Accessed via the Internet, or Intranet, Beating Stress Interactive is a cost effective, environmentally friendly, information and fun eLearning experience. It includes assessments to determine how stressed individuals are within themselves and the workplace, as well as a variety of ways to overcome and prevent stress within your organisation.

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