Redovator LMS

The ultimate Learning Management System (LMS) for compliance based training needs and Audit Reports.
Our intuitive and robust LMS “REDOVATOR” is an eLearning platform that can be effortlessly aligned with your organizational goals. “REDOVATOR” is specially designed by taking into consideration Aviation, Pharma, Insurance and engineering organizations’ requirements.
Our platform is engineered to provide a seamless cutting-edge and rich learning experience,facilitating organizational excellence. A SCORM-compliant Learning Management System. Deploy and track all training, user performance, and group performance, with multiple admins and a myriad of reports and features. Simple & fast user onboarding, Instant insights, Compliance Management, Mobile Friendly, in-depth analytics, Social Learning Real-time progress tracking, Ready-to-use Content, Competency Management, APIs and Integrations, and customized Learning Path are a few features of “REDOVATOR”.
Redovator is trusted by leading organizations in various sectors, such as airlines, pharmaceuticals, auditing firms, financial institutions, banks, insurance companies, universities, and colleges. Whether you need to train your employees, customers, partners, or students, Redovator can help you achieve your compliance goals and objectives.

Key Features

This includes course creation tools, assessment features, collaboration capabilities, analytics and many more

User Interface and Experience

The LMS is user-friendly to facilitate easy navigation for both administrators and learners.

Course Creation and Management

Various tools are provided for creating and managing courses. This includes content uploading, organizing modules, and tracking progress.

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