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Case Studies

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eLearning is a powerful and innovative way to deliver learning solutions to your learners, employees, or customers. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some examples of how eLearning has helped various organizations achieve their learning and business goals.

Renowned Medical College and Hospital

How a healthcare medical University reduced training costs and time using mobile compatible LMS and eLearning. This case study illustrates how a mobile learning strategy, along with responsive and accessible eLearning content, enabled the healthcare staff to access their training anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Premier Insurance Training Institute

How a Premier Insurance Training Institute boosted learner satisfaction using video based learning and an enterprise LMS. This case study demonstrates how a video strategy, along with engaging and adaptive eLearning content and easy to use LMS, motivated and successfully ensured completion.


How a major airline improved Compliances using Redovator LMS. This case study shows how a spaced learning strategy, combined with interactive and immersive content, increased the retention, recall, and application of safety knowledge and skills among the airline staff.

Internal Auditing Courses

How a financial institution enhanced compliance and ethics using video-based eLearning. This case study reveals how a video-based learning strategy, along with realistic and immersive eLearning content, helped the financial staff to apply their learning to real-world situations and challenges.

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