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"Very happy with this company's service, and they gave me top quality work and always in time. Not easy to find. I will surely hire them back again when I have the chance.”

Aukalen Learning Consultant

“The RedChip team delivered as scheduled and to the quality specified. They showed great flexibility in working with me. Their managers followed up on the production team, and the production team was professional, skilled and attentive. I am very pleased with the team and will work with them again for the next set of courses we are planning for later this year.”

Wikibidder Manager eLearning Project Manager

“I have worked with Red Chip Solutions for the last 4 years. I have always found them approachable and responsive to my business needs. They are a great team and I would highly recommend Red Chip Solutions.”

D. Carter Specialized trainer

“Effective and efficient communication skills, domain expert in own field has gifted their strength to handle high ended project.”

L. Shinde Training and Development Manager

“Red Chip Solutions is a 'go-to' company with respect to Technology matters in the Information Technology industry. They have built a stellar reputation among their clients and peers for professionalism and commitment to project delivery. I find that it is easy to do business with them as they understand that sharp communication is critical in the IT business. I can recommend Red Chip Solutions whenever the project calls for an efficient and polished approach by a seasoned professional.”

J. Patil SEO expert

“I have been associated with Red Chip Solutions for the last 6 months. I am absolutely delighted with their professionalism, helpful attitude and creativity. I will most definitely recommend their company.”

Col T. V. Sagar Medical College Dean

“The Learning Content Management System which Red Chip Solutions implemented was great not only in terms of savings but also in terms of performance and uptime. I don't remember a single instance where they did not offer prompt support. With Red Chip you can expect excellent results and complete satisfaction. I would strongly recommend their LCMS!!!”

Dr. Batool Fatima Manager Operations & Training

"Red Chip Solutions is one the fastest growing provider of e-learning courses in India. RCS experts analyzed the several aspects of banking products and the requirement of e-learning in DFCC group for employee training. RCS empowered DFCC with user friendly Authoring tool Knowledge Presenter® and Knowledge Presenter LMS for the development of interactive e-learning courses and to keep the track on the users as well as courses."

Rusitha eLearning Admin

"Red Chip Solutions did very good work on our website design. With a keen eye to detail and very creative work we had absolutely no problems with their work."

Daven Kakkad Chuck Manufacturing company CEO

“I have worked with Red Chip Solutions for a number of years. They have been supportive and able to provide IT solutions to many problems- effectively and efficiently. Their team will see a job through till completion and go above and beyond the job requirements."

N. Thakrar Learning Expert

"Very happy with this company's service, and they gave me top quality work and always in time. Not easy to find. I will surely hire them back again when I have the chance."

Being Intentional Learning Consultant

"Red Chip Solutions is a great IT solution team, always focused to provide excellent Client support. Red Chip, with their clear vision, delivers and maintains high client satisfaction. They are an effective solution provider as they provide reliable solutions. I would recommend working with Red Chip Solutions."

Amol Pandit Senior Consultant

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