Red Scout Fragrance Express Course

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Red Scout Fragrance Express Course

This is an intensive retail fragrance training course, which all fragrance consultants need to know in four core modules. The course content is available in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

The Fragrance eLearning courseware incorporates Michael Edward’s Fragrance Wheel within the training. This revolutionary new way of training is first-to-market, with the Fragrance Express Course designed specifically for beauty consultant recommending fragrance.

It comprises four core modules:

1. Understanding Fragrance

We start with the basic understandings required which includes – fragrance construction, different fragrance concentrations, application, storing fragrance and common questions relating to fragrance.

2. Fragrance Classification

Understanding how fragrance is classified is essential for a confident fragrance consultant. We work with Michael Edward’s Fragrance Wheel to interactively describe and compare the key groups and families, so expert advice and recommendations are guaranteed with every customer interaction.

3. Fragrance Products

Add-on sales are critical, and knowing the fragrance product matrix is key when recommending multiple items to a customer. We outline all of the feminine, masculine and home fragrance products available on the market, so that the features and benefits of each can be explained confidently to the customer.

4. Selling Fragrance

Selling fragrance is unique, with a very different approach to skincare and makeup. The tips and techniques in this module can be the difference between a good fragrance consultant and a highly successful one.
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