Red Scout ‘Beauty Industry - Customer Sales & Service’ Course

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Red Scout ‘Beauty Industry - Customer Sales & Service’ Course

Red Scout’s Customer Sales & Service Course equip beauty consultants with the skills to appropriately advise customers, as well as provide tips and tricks to go above and beyond expectations.

The course begins by teaching:

  • How to greet and engage customers without coming across as pushy or overbearing.
  • Techniques for creating trust and building rapport.
  • Types of sales techniques and sales-specific language


This engaging and interactive eLearning course has been developed to give beauty consultants a new level of confidence in service and selling skills, in four core modules:

1. Greeting the Customer

Engaging (creating trust and rapport) with the customer is a very important skill. This module gives the beauty consultant the confidence to acknowledge, observe, assess, approach, greet and engage with customers effectively.

2. Identifying Customer Needs

Asking the right questions, and listening actively is key to being able to identify customer needs. We review effective questioning techniques and how to use positive language so the beauty consultant can find the best solution to suit the customer.

3. The Product Solution

Understanding the features and benefits of each product is key to being able to recommend the product best suited to the customer. This module covers the introduction of products, bonding and ownership, using buying language, as well as pointers on how best to engage with the customer during this process.

4. Closing the Sale

Closing the sale can often be one of the most difficult things to do.  We review a ‘trial close’, buying signals from the health and beauty customer, dealing with objections and also introducing an add-on/link sale after closing.

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